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"For everything is truly a slice of life"


Here's the bread and butter of the website, the Portfolio. Below are all the works our company has done. 

Current Projects

These are the projects that are currently in development.

  • "Of Dawn And Dark" The After Video
    Expected Deadline: Late April 2013
  • "Those Born Of Dragons"
    Expected Deadline: Summer 2013



In this section is all the original pieces we have done. For our works based on copyrighted series, please go down to Fictional Works.


Like all worlds of fantasy, Ereilia is a place where knights fight, magic exists, and adventurers roam the land. Ereilia also bears a few surprises of its own as the reader explores the different kingdoms and peoples of this world.

Truth Among Lies - A Priest of Milara, Goddess of Truth, has been stationed at Retmor, capital of Rerhana. In the Thieves' City, can truth finally overshine the lies?

In Search Of Family - Ratbone has always been a thief, enjoying stealing from the corrupt and vile in the Four Kingdoms. However when a letter arrives saying his sister has gone missing, he and his friends journey to find her.

Blood Runs Deep - A pair of blood assassins arrive at Eastharbour, the main port city in the east, on the south coast of the Celdoran Empire. Their job is simple, however one assassin starts to regain control from the dark god within him.


Humans believe that there is nothing special happening in this world of theirs. However that is not true, whether it be magical or mundane, there's always something special occurring in the world.

Brother And Sister - Two people who've never met before will be united by fate as special powers come to them from above and below. Now their destinies are intertwined with an item dating back to the Legends of Camelot and the evil that follows. 


Here are the stories we've created based on another person's world. All these stories are hosted on our Hubpages's account unless noted otherwise.

Before Her Legend - Follow the story of a Dark Elf Dragonborn, Derbana the Third, as she recalls her life before even taking a single step into the province of Skyrim. Based on the Elder Scrolls Universe.
Chapters: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

After Her Legend - Two years after her arrival in Skyrim, Derbana has fulfilled her destiny and has rested from her adventures to live a simpler life. But this peace is shattered when a stranger arrives, holding the answers to her past, the very answers she's been seeking for three decades.
Chapters: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Of Dawn And Dark - As news of vampires spreading across Skyrim reaches Derbana, her home life prevents her from going until an attack on her life forces her to join the Dawnguard and stop a vampiric prophecy from coming true while new secrets await to be uncovered.
Chapters: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10

Those Born Of Dragons - A month after her adventures with the Dawnguard, Derbana is determined to leave her adventuring days behind her to settle down permanently as a loving wife and expecting mother. However destiny is never that cut and dry as a new evil will thrust her back into being an adventurer as she and her companions set sail for the mysterious island of Solstheim as this evil prepares to make his final move.
Chapters: Part 1


Character Designs are a glimpse into the characters that go into every movie, every television show, every book. These designs showcase the layout and style we achieve for each character.


Temple of Evil


Temple of Evil


Not any have been uploaded yet. Please check Site News for future updates.